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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn about Excel?

Each class includes an outline. The Excel Bootcamp teaches all features of Excel from A-Z with the goal of helping people pass the Microsoft Certification exam. To download the Bootcamp outline click here.

frequently asked questionsWhat are the requirements to take the class?

For online training we suggest you have a computer with Excel, a high speed internet connection, a second device/screen to view the instructors screen, a telephone with a speaker for the audio portion, the ability to type 10 words per minute.

What makes this class different than others?

Too many courses are strictly recorded videos and fail to provide the ability to ask: Why, When, Where, How, etc. Also, most classes lack meaningful hands on practice. The instructor has spent 20 years writing over 250 self-assessment lab exercises for students to practice, some during class, some for homework.

Can I use an Apple computer?

The training is geared to users of Microsoft Windows but also applies to Apple Excel. Keyboard shortcuts vary, and some Windows features are not available on Apple computers (formula auditing, solver, activex controls, vba programming). Also, Apple computers behave differently with PivotTables and require a few extra steps. Typically, the program is 98% identical with either operating system and the course will highlight those differences for students with a Mac. For those who plan to take the certification exam, the exam is based on Windows knowledge, not Apple.

What is Microsoft Certification?

A Microsoft Certified Professional is someone who passes an exam, every three years, to demonstrate in depth technical knowledge of a particular Microsoft product. Typically certification is required for those people who work directly for Information Technology Support services, not for information workers (financial data analysts).

How do i find a Certiport testing center?

To take a certification exam requires you pay a fee, typically about $150, to an authorized testing center. To find a Certiport testing center click here.

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